Five Signs You've Outgrown Your Home

Dated: April 10 2019

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Homes aren't meant to be static, and we adapt them as our needs change over the course of our lives, but there does come a point where your family's life expands past your home's inherent strengths.  If one or more of following five signs apply to you, it might be time to consider whether your home is prepared to keep up with your family's evolving needs.

You Have More Kids Than Bedrooms

Sure, young children can often bunk up in the same bedroom - but as they inevitably grow up you'll likely be pulling your hair out if you can't offer them some private space of their own.

And of course, the more kids and the smaller the space - the more likelyhood constantly tripping over toys.  Which leads me to my next point...

You're Running Out of Storage Space

Whether its due to your kids stuff or just your own hobbies, if you've got overflowing closets, cluttered rooms, or a garage you can no longer park in during the winter due to storage use... well, that's a another indicator that your current home may no longer really fit your family's lifestyle.  And speaking of rooms that quickly get too cluttered...

Sharing the Bathroom Has Become a Struggle

While there are many things in life that compromises can made over, if you don't have enough bathrooms for your family and guests, things can get unpleasant rapidly!  Moving to a home with an additional bathroom (or two!) can defuse morning struggles and restore peace and sanity to family routine.

You've Got No Room to Accomodate Guests

Growing families often make the practical decision to convert what was once a guest bedroom into a bedroom for a growing child or teenager. Its a imperfect trade though; you've probably still grandparents who value coming to visit and seeing those kids! 

Having a guest room available is a big step towards being prepared for the unexpected, whether is a friend visiting from out of town, a work colleague who had a bit much to drink last night, or to extend a helping hand when aging parent have a medical emergency.  Being able to offer them a place to stay can make all the difference.

You've Got No Solitude

Everyone needs some time to themselves.  It's something we need to recharge our emotional and mental batteries.  It may be reading a book on the porch, and time playing video games in a mancave - but its crucial that every member of the family has somewhere they can retreat to and collect their thoughts.

If your house is cramped, physically or mentally, then maybe its time to discuss what an ideal home for your family would look like.

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