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James really is here to help.

Whether it was with purchasing my first home or now years later. He has proven himself to be a great person to know. So happy to have worked with him.

Brittany Moore

He is bold, caring, conscientious and a real go getter.

He is fairly new to the business but he works very hard to make sure he has all the facts and the numbers it takes to sell your home. He sold my home very quickly. I would highly recommend James Houk.

Glen Weiss

James is an excellent Realtor, and I recommend him and his services if you are in need of a realtor.

My experience with him was a little different. We were introduced by a mutual friend, Lynn, when I needed a fast relocation of my rental. He is primarily interested in realty, but when I needed desperately to relocate ASAP after the unexpected and tragic death of my son, Brandon, Lynn requested James help me in any way he could. Well he did an excellent job and couldn't have been more helpful. His primary function is realty, but I didn't feel I could afford to buy at this time, nor did I have the sense to make a major purchase at this time, he helped me locate a rental which I love, and ran interference on my behalf with the rental agent. He escorted me around since I didn't have, and still don't, have transportation. Brandon was unfortunately driving my beloved car and it was totaled in the incident. This was in no way a part of his job, and was certainly inconvenient for him. He went out of his way to help the grieving mother of a friend, who he had never met prior to Lynn's request. And he certainly didn't receive any monetary recompense for this favor. Just my enduring gratitude for a job well done. I heartily recommend James when you need an excellent, caring realtor.

Harriet Mills

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